Unit Revelation II

by Dan J. Schulte

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Second album in a series inspired by my science fiction manuscript and comic series; Unit Revelation (c) 1995/2015 Dan J. Schulte.
In 1987 Jake Dust, along with 299 other scientists and specialists, took the offer of a lifetime: a five year contract living and working on a robotically constructed planet-sized space station called Project Escape. What began as a peaceful operation designed to preserve the human race in the event of nuclear war became a war-ravaged hell of robotic devastation, genetic mutation and technological darkness. Defeated and out of options, the last of the specialists send Jake Dust back to earth in a desperate search for help to reclaim the Project from its tyrannical leaders. When Jake finally returns to earth in the new millennium he finds that Project Escape is nothing more than an ‘urban legend’ and evidence of it even existing is nowhere to be found. Ignored and ridiculed for his surreal claims of Project Escape’s desperate reality and history, the janitor turned war hero descends into alcoholism and defeat until Unit Revelation, a small band of extremely unlikely and dysfunctional heroes, arrive from Project Escape and reluctantly revitalize Jake’s cause to return to the Project and end the evil there once and for all. Led by the gruff, reluctant and spiritually struggling robotic anthropomorphic called Catbox, Unit Revelation’s original goal of self preservation becomes a sacrifice to save the world from an impending tyranny it does not even know exists.


released February 15, 2015

Cover art: Dan J. Schulte, Ashley Nichole



all rights reserved


Dan J. Schulte California

California musician Dan J. Schulte has been composing electronic music since 1985, primarily inspired by an amalgam of electronic music pioneers, horror, fantasy, science fiction and plenty of other random pop culture. Dan's commercial work includes Horror's Hallowed Grounds, Halloween: 25 Years of Terror and the award-winning documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy ... more

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